We share the secret to their hyaluronic wonder product.

We share the secret to their hyaluronic wonder product.

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Charlene Flanagan & Niamh Ryan of Ella & Jo Cosmetics share the secret to their hyaluronic mist wonder product.

We may be a small island but one thing Ireland isn’t short on is talented entrepreneurs. From spotting gaps in the beauty world, to making the most of our traditional fare and health and wellness, Irish businesses are making their mark around the world.

We chat to some of Ireland’s most inspirational women of the last twelve months to find out their magic formula for success.

Charlene Flanagan & Niamh Ryan – Ella & Jo Cosmetics

How did the two of you decide to go into business together?
It was like fate brought us together. We had known each other for years and worked together previously. We work really well together, both specialists in our own areas of both our own careers [Charlene’s a make-up artist and Niamh is a skin therapist, as well as in the business. Also we are both Geminis so we both have the same sense of humour.

Your skin mist has been dubbed “Hyaluronic”, how does it work?
Our hero product was designed to be used in morning and night skincare routines and can be used under and/or over make-up. It is more moisturising than a moisturiser and thanks to its main ingredient hyaluronic acid, it acts like a sponge by attracting moisture to boost hydration on the surface of skin. This reduces visibility of fine lines and wrinkles retaining moisture to the skin, creating a plumping effect. We have had women that cancelled their injectable appointments after using the 3in1 Skin Mist, so we deemed it a skin saviour.

You are passionate about the importance of cleaning your make-up brushes, why is this such a terrible beauty sin?
Women are spending hard earned cash on skin treatments to help with congestion, breakouts and acne prone skin, but without cleaning their make-up brushes, which have more bacteria than your toilet seat. You are simply putting bacteria, oil, old make-up back onto a clean face which results in further breakouts, dullness and cakey, mucky make-up. We designed the Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser to help revolutionise the way we clean make-up brushes. We have simplified the process and have seen amazing real-life results with people’s skin.

Who is your biggest inspiration in business?
We are huge advocates of women supporting women and female entrepreneurship. There are so many boss ladies out there doing amazing jobs whilst running a home and family alongside of it all. One of our main inspirations is Marissa Carter, CEO of Cocoa Brown and Carter Beauty Cosmetics. Marissa has grown her business from nothing to a worldwide global business.